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The Great Swamp Watershed Studio

For 50 years the Great Swamp Watershed has been a site of conflict over development, preservation and change . Whether it is the old jetport proposal or the new NPR expeditions of the Passaic, it is an area that occasionally makes an appearance on the national radar. However, the 10 Towns Committee that worked to coordinate and communicate a shared vision of the area has disbanded and the future is less clear.

A Vision Plan for Great Swamp Watershed

As a class, the students were asked to provide the 10 towns area with examples of different futures for their landscapes, using 2060 as a general target date. These were intended to provide both a clear and far-reaching vision for the watershed and towns as a single large landscape while using much smaller examples of design solutions to better demonstrate the depth of your ideas and their buildability. To be clear, the goal was never to provide a singular solution that we expect to define their future actions. The students were trying to create tools that illustrate both the breadth and depth of opportunities in using design as a tool for confronting the uncertainty of the future.

Please not that the work represented on this site is the work of 3rd semester design students and shared for the purposes of discussion. It should not be considered a completed research project or used for construction or navigation.